Global Graduates through Virtual Exchange:
A Model for Language Teachers and Internationalization in UK-Türkiye Higher Education 

British Council-funded project

Our Project aims to

1. design and deliver a joint collaboration model to develop global graduates through VE in UK-Türkiye,
2. align skill sets of pre-service English language teachers with the needs of the era in the field of teacher education, to improve the skills of foreign language teachers on interculturality and digital skills,
3. develop the capacity of internationalization and IaH activities through VE in Türkiye and UK Institutions
4. increase institutional-transnational partnerships between UK-Türkiye by introducing VE and its contribution to academic staff and in-service language teachers
5. conduct and disseminate research activities by investigating the impact of the joint model on the graduate outcomes and internationalization processes and sharing the results with other stakeholders and policy makers.

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Virtual Exchange

Facilitating cross-cultural interactions through immersive virtual exchange programs enhancing language skills.

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Social Welfare

Graduates with increased intercultural competence and qualified teaching skills can encourage positive change in their communities, promoting social cohesion, and acting as bridges between different groups.

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Professional Development

By adapting and implementing innovative teaching methods, graduates are better equipped to create dynamic and effective learning environments that cater to diverse student needs.

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Our Journey

With a focus on Virtual Exchange, we specialize in providing a model that enhances language teaching and promotes internationalization within UK-Türkiye higher education.

Why Virtual Exchange?

Virtual Exchange provides several other opportunities and benefits for social welfare, eco-friendly exchanges, gender quality and inclusion.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Virtual Exchange is a means for implementing inclusive approaches to internationalization by ensuring that the broader university community, including pre-service and graduates, academic and administrative staff in this project, can experience the social, academic, and intercultural advantages of an ‘internationalised university experience (Robson, Almeida, & Schartner, 2018).

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Enviromental Impact of Virtual Exchange

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption associated with air travel and transportation, VE reduces carbon footprint, which contributes to mitigating climate change and a more sustainable approach to resource utilization.

This project is funded by Connect4Innovation: UK-Türkiye Higher Education Partnerships Fund of British Council Türkiye.
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